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Curtin University
Humanities: Research and Graduate Studies

Humanities Research Priorities

Curtin University’s vision is to be a recognised international leader in research by 2030. At the heart of this vision is a commitment to research that changes minds, lives, and the world.

The Faculty of Humanities comprises four Schools: Built Environment; Design and Art; Education; and Media, Culture and Creative Arts. This creates a distinctive research setting, in which social, cultural, and creative research is in dialogue with technical and scientific research. The Faculty is guided by the principle that real-world problems, if they call for solutions that are technically innovative and cost-effective, also call for solutions that are socially and culturally informed, critical, creative, and sustainable.

Accordingly, we have three research priority areas:

Creative, cultural, and critical inquiry

New knowledge environments


Our special-focus fields of research are:

Faculty research and creative production staff also work in applied linguistics, architecture, creative writing, curriculum and pedagogy, design, geography, history and heritage, information studies, international relations, internet studies, journalism, language studies, literary studies, performance, policy studies, religious studies, screen arts, and visual arts.