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Curtin University
Humanities: Research and Graduate Studies

Humanities Research Groups


The Faculty of Humanities foster the continued growth of a research culture marked by academic and professional excellence, community relevance and interdisciplinary within diversity.

The dynamic research community of the Faculty of Humanities is coordinated by the Office of Research and Graduate Studies. The various research centres, units and groups have extensive links to the wider community and offer both consultancy and postgraduate supervision.

Lacan Association of Research Colleagues (L'ARC)#

LARC is an inter-disciplinary study group dedicated to research on Lacanian Theory, Psychoanalysis, Cultural Studies and related disciplines. It consists of postgraduate students, researchers and academics from a variety of disciplines

The Design Focused Research Group#

The Design-focused Research Group undertakes research that focuses on design activity.

Australia at War and Peace#

The Australia at War and Peace research group in the Faculty of Humanities studies the Australian experience of war and peace from Federation to the present.