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Powering Perth: A history of the East Perth Power Station

Edited by: Lenore Layman
ISBN: 9780 980 631 388 (pbk.)
Publication date: November 2011

Shortlisted for the 2011 Western Australian Premier's Book Awards (WA history category).
Powering Perth: A History of the East Perth Power Station Powering Perth: A History of the East Perth Power Station shortlisted for Western Australian Premiers Book Awards


This book tells the story of one of Perth's most significant places, drawing particularly on the memories of those who depended upon it for work and power. The East Perth Power Station lies at the heart of the electrification of Perth and deserves to be recognised and remembered as central to the fabric of life in Perth. In turn, in highlighting our ever-expanding consumption of electricity, the story reminds us of the environmental limits to that consumption and the questions of sustainability which confront us in the new century. Lenore Layman
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Hear Lenore Layman speaking about Powering Perth in an ABC Radio interview


Biodiversity & social justice: Practices for an ecology of peace

Edited by: Angela Wardell-Johnson, Naama Amram, Ratna Malar Selvaratnam & Sundari Ramakrishna
ISBN: 9780980631364 (pbk)
Publication date: 2011

Biodiversity fits within a broader landscape, not only of ecological systems, but also of social, cultural and economic systems. Through identifying and understanding different voices, values and practices in biodiversity conservation we improve the potential for effective long-term biodiversity conservation that is peaceful and inclusive. This book draws on the collective knowledge of a linked cycle of theory and practice. The contributors benefit from being grounded by practical biodiversity communities and draw on experience at the global scale. Insights from practice in Indigenous, developing and developed contexts in Asian, Australian and African landscapes are included. The integration of landscape practice theory with technological, socially grounded and philosophical perspectives presents social justice as a rationale for biodiversity conservation with as much power as plant and animal conservation. This collective synthesis of Indigenous, scientific and local knowledge guides practice in effective and sustained biodiversity conservation in a breadth of contexts. This ecology of peace provides a compelling reason for working with compassion in biodiversity conservation.



Foreigners: Secret Artefacts of Industrialism

Edited by: Jennifer Harris
Publication date: 2009.
ISBN: 9780 9757 51985 (pbk)

Farming or Foraging book image

A witty and bawdy world flourished beneath the strict discipline of the Midland Railway Workshops in Western Australia.  From 1904 to 1994 the men of the workshops serviced the rail system while simultaneously operating a vast, clandestine network which produced illicit objects known as “foreigners”.  Scrupulously and cunningly accounting for their paid time, the men cleverly embedded foreigner work into the normal day.  Vulgar joke items were made alongside staid kitchen implements which supplemented working class homes; sometimes the men made beautiful art objects.

See brochure for further information.

Chapter 3, "Making Foreigners at the Midland Government Railway Workshops, 1904-1994", by Bobbie Oliver available on Curtin University eSpace

Chapter 4, '"Foreigners in Workplace Culture", by Graham Seal now available on Curtin University eSpace

Labour History in the New Century

Edited by: Bobbie Oliver
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 9780980631326 (pbk.)
LABOUR HISTORY IN THE NEW CENTURY With the 21st century nearing the end of its first decade, it seems an appropriate moment to take stock of what labour historians are researching and writing about in 2009. Labour History in the New Century presents a collection of papers embracing a wide range of themes: anti-Labor organizations such as ASIO and the FBI; struggles by female and Indigenous workers for equal pay and conditions; conflict within the Communist Party of Australia; comparative studies, significant individuals, and papers contextualizing the labour movement in the latter 20th century.

Spanning more than a century of history, the collection indicates increasing emphases placed by labour historians of the 21st century on Australia in an international context; the value of comparing aspects of Australian labour history with that of such ‘similar’ societies as Britain and Canada, and also of gaining ‘non-Anglo’ perspectives.

See brochure for more information [.pdf -91kb]

The following chapter – The Locomotive Engine Drivers', Firemen's and Cleaners' Union: A British transplant or home-grown product? - now available on Curtin University eSpace.

From Tyranny to Freedom: Dutch children from the Netherlands East Indies to Fairbridge Farm School 1945-1946

Author: Nonja Peters
Publication date: 2009
ISBN: 9780975751987

From Tyranny to Freedom book cover

This very readable book - complete with interviews, photos, postcards, diary excerpts, archival documents, newspaper cuttings of the day, and images of other memorabillia - recounts the experiences of Dutch children caught up in the Pacific War between 1941 and 1945. When Japan invaded and then occupied the Netherlands East Indies (now Indonesia) from 1942 - 1945, Dutch nationals, including the children, were interned in concentration camps for more than three years. This book describes the children's experiences, their internment in the camps, and their short-lived liberation in August 1945 when their lives were eclipsed by more violence as Indonesian youth freedom fighters (pemuda) invoked revolution to secure Indonesia’s freedom from Dutch Colonial Rule. The finale of these children’s wartime experiences are played out at Fairbridge Farm School Pinjarra where they were relocated after being evacuated to Western Australian with their families for rehabilitation before their repatriation to the Netherlands East Indies or the Netherlands.

Download the flyer for more information [.pdf - 196kb]

ALL COPIES SOLD: additional copies may be available at Fairbridge Farm School, Pinjarra, Western Australia.

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Goenkars in Western Australia: Voices and images of a vibrant Goan community

Author: Jaya Earnest
ISBN: 9780980631333 (paperback)
Publication date: 2009

Goenkars in Western Australia

This book recounts the voices of Goan migrants in Western Australia and retraces their experiences as they come to this land in pursuit of their aspirations and hopes of building new lives. It is a story that spans generations: the Goans arrived in separate waves of migration from different parts of the world.

Each migrant experience was unique to the political or socioeconomic environment prevailing in their country of origin. When told together, the diverse stories form a rich collage of experiences. The Goans are often described as an exemplar migrant community in multicultural society. Their success and price in Goan cultural heritage reinforces their multiple attachments to both Australia and Goa. In this regard, Goan Australians are a multicultural success story. This is evidenced in their high levels of integration and in their successful impact on Australian professional life. They have successfully contributed to the creation of multicultural Australia in multiple ways. These rich and varied experiences explore the heart of migration experiences and attempt to take the reader on journeys through different lands.



Farming or Foraging? Household Labour and Livelihood Strategies Amongst Smallholder Cocoa Growers in Papua New Guinea

Authors: George Curry, Gina Koczberski, Eric Omuru and Robert Nailina.  
Publication date: 2007
ISBN: 9780975751947

Farming or Foraging book image

Drawing on household level studies of cocoa production amongst village communities in Papua New Guinea's Gazelle Peninsula, Farming or Foraging presents a socio-economic and cultural model of smallholder productivity. The book discusses how commercial sector organisations can be drawn upon to provide smallholder extension strategies that are better integrated with the livelihoods of village producers. This book will be of value to researchers and agricultural extension organisations working with smallholders in developing countries across a range of different cash crops.

This publication is now available on Curtin University eSpace.

Corporal Jones’ War
The Diary of an Anzac

Edited by: S.M. Scott
Publication date: 2005
ISBN:  0 9757519 0 5
Corporal Jones’ War

In August 1914, Corporal Albert ‘Peter’ Jones began recording his experiences of the First World War firstly at Gallipoli and then amidst the snow and blood of the Somme. He left Australia as as an eighteen-year old youth looking for adventure and worried that “the war would end before he got there”. He came home a man wondering why the world had gone so awry. This is an astonishing account of a young man growing up in the deadly trenches of an unforgettable war.

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Alchemies: Community Exchanges

Edited by: Glenn Pass & Denise Woods
Publication date: 2004
ISBN: 1 74067 382 4

Alchemies: Community Exchanges

This is the fourth volume in the series, Undisciplined Thoughts – New Research in the Humanities, Arts and Social Sciences, that has sought to traverse the boundaries between academy and community. It is exchanges of this nature that have the potential for alchemic change to make a positive difference to the daily lives of diverse peoples.  


Essays in Masculinities Studies 2002

Edited by: David Buchbinder
ISBN: 1 74067 289 5
Publication date: 2003

Essays in Masculinities Studies 2002This innovative collection is a sampling of the intellectual quality and reach, as well as the style and creativity, of Curtin University social science students. Some of the papers read like well-researched and carefully thought-through feature articles, while others are more ‘academic’, painstaking in their gathering of evidence to support an intellectual or philosophical position, and in their sifting and evaluation of the evidence. All are interesting, and all contribute to the ongoing exploration of the ways that masculinity is constructed and has meaning in their culture.

Liveable Communities

Editors: Janis Haswell & Diana MacCallum
Published: 2003
ISBN: 1 74067 2984
Liveable Communities

The collections in the series Undisciplined Thoughts are drawn from the annual Curtin University Humanities Graduate Research Conferences.  The papers demonstrate the diversity and excellence of postgraduate researchers in the Humanities and Social Sciences, speaking across disciplinary boundaries and challenging conventional ideologies.

Liveable Communities, the third volume in the series, includes twenty-one papers concerned with different aspects of ‘community’: how we live together, relate to our physical surroundings, and form shared or personal identities. Together, they address the challenge of discovering and sustaining forms of ‘liveability’ in a rapidly changing world.

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Manning the Next Millenium: Studies in Masculinities

Edited by: Sharyn Pearce and Vivienne Muller
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: 1 74067 144 9

Manning the Next Millenium: Studies in Masculinities "This is an apt moment to publish a book about masculinities, especially Australian ones ..." so began Bob Connell, an international expert in this areas, in his preface to this very interesting collection of essays on contemporary masculinities.

This anthology includes contributions from areas such as cultural studies (especially film, media and literary texts), schooling, health management and masculinities theory. Entertaining and diverse topics examine the ageing male body, the history of the codpiece, Australian surf life-saving culture, Pauline Hanson’s appeal to Australian men, the influence of life history upon prostrate cancer, popular teen moves as sex instruction manuals, “wussy boys” and much, much more ...

Start Trek & Endgame
Millennial Politics

Edited by: David Buchbinder
Publication date: 2002
ISBN: 1 86342 852 6

Start Trek & EndgameA selection of papers from the Australian and South Pacific Association for Comparative Literature Studies Conference, Fremantle, Western Australia, 11-13 December, 1997.

Selected chapters of this edited volume are available on Curtin University e-Space

Undisciplined Thoughts

Edited by: Penny O’Connor & Jane Scott
Publication Date: 2002
ISBN: 1 74067 194 5
Undisciplined Thoughts

The papers collected in Undisciplined Thoughts demonstrate the diversity of postgraduate research in the Humanities and Social Sciences. Drawing on presentations from the Fifth Annual Humanities Postgraduate Research Conference at Curtin University, the papers challenge ideologies and speak to each other across disciplinary boundaries.

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Property Valuation Methodology

Author: Dominique Fischer
Publication date: 2002
ISBN:  1 74067 215 1
Property Valuation Methodology

Professor Dominique Fischer has taught, studied and practiced real estate investment, valuation and property economics for forty years in the US, Canada, Europe, Mexico, China, Malaysia and Australia.

The focus of this book is on basic methodologies applicable to micro-level valuations. It describes a set of approaches and techniques generally endorsed in the International Valuations Standards and – broadly speaking, it reflects the paradigm diffused in the US-sphere professional and academic literature. However, the book also suggests an alternative theoretical perspective which helps facilitate the diffusion of property valuation expertise and – certainly – should clarify the valuer’s professional accountability and legal responsibility.

Daring to Dream: The future of Australian Health Care
Essays in Honour of John Deeble

Edited by: Gavin Mooney & Eileen Plant
Publication date: 2001
ISBN:  1 74067 140 6
Daring to Dream: The future of Australian Health  Care

John Deeble’s contribution to health care around the world was enormous. From the beginning John’s career he was as the interface between health and economics: he was Deputy Chair of the Health Insurance Commission, and Director of the Australian Institute of Health. His concern for others was reflected in his work on Indigenous health and his thinking about how people who are poor could best access health services.

The chapters in this multi-authored work focus on a range of topics from the origins of Medibank to policy change and private health insurance, rationalising roles in public hospital funding, genome drafts, advancing from Australia unfair, to a health system which cares about health.

Annotated students edition, Black Swan Press Heritage Series.

Author: Louis Stone
Publication date: 2001

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The Grammar Café

Author: Neville Saunders
ISBN: 1863427457
Date of publication: 2000 (2nd edition)
The Grammar Caf�
A grammar course for language officials and others enthusiastic in their search for a better understanding of English grammar.  It focuses on the form of the English language used in formal and semi-formal settings in Australia. It is a traditional grammar of English but developed on the premise that learning grammar can be fun, and that individuals may use the pathways of learning to suit them.

Wanderings in a Borderland
The Eadie Historical Collection

Collated by: Mervyn J. Eadie
Publication date: 2000
ISBN: 1 83642 865 8

Our War Too
Nancy Millard

Edited by: Barbara Millech
Publication date: 1998
ISBN: 186 342689 2

Our War Too Nancy Millard

Nancy Leake (nee Millard) was a young Australian nurse on a working holiday in London when Britain declared war on Germany on 3 September 1939. Unable to join the Australian Army Nursing Service without first returning to Australia, she enlisted in Queen Alexandra’s Imperial Military Nursing Service (Reserve), and was sent to a British base hospital at Helmich, some 15 miles outside Cairo. Our War Too is the story of Nancy Millard’s three years’ service in the Middle East. It provides something missing from official histories of the Second World War: a sense of the lived experience of particular people caught up in large events – Nancy Millard, her wartime friends, her nursing colleagues and especially, her soldier patients.

Western Australian Wetlands
The Kimberley and South-West

Edited by: Rod Giblett and Hugh Webb
Published: 1996
ISBN:  1 86342 499 7
Western Australian Wetlan This was the first book to present the conservation values of some of the major wetlands in Western Australia, and discusses all wetlands nominated to the Ramsar Convention of Wetlands of International Importance. These wetlands are located in the Broome, Kununurra, Wyndham, Perth, Mandurah, Busselton, Narrogin and Esperance areas. It also set these wetlands within a wider cross-cultural and historical perspective by looking at the competing Aboriginal and European posititioning of them. The book includes Mudrooroo’s delightful yet profound children’s story about the Waugal, Philip Jennings’ critical history of wetlands’ conservation in WA, the early research of Perth (including maps) and May Durack’s classic Kings in Glass Castles, and stories, poems, and statements from Aboriginal people.  Given that the Convention called for the reserving, wardening and wise management of wetlands, the authors argue that local Aboriginal people should be involved with all three.

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In His Own Words
John Curtin’s Speeches and Writings

Editor and narrator: David Black
Published: 1995
ISBN: 1 86342 422 9 (pbk)
In His Own Words,John Curtin’s Speeches and Writings ‘He had greatness thrust upon him but ... he bore it greatly.’ A newspaper of the day voiced the feelings of the nation when it wrote on the death of Australia’s wartime Prime Minister, John Curtin, a few weeks before the final victory over the Japanese.

The story of Curtin’s rise from humble origins, through his days as a socialist Yarra Bank orator, editor of the Westralian Worker, to serve his country at a time of crisis is the stuff of which heroes are made. Editor and narrator David Black has brought together an extensive collection of Curtin’s speeches and writings to allow his life story to be told in his own words.

Acupuncture for Turtles

Edited by: Glen Phillips, Sally Clarke and Bronwyne Thomason
Published: 1995
ISBN: 0-9757519-1-3
Acupuncture book image

A selection of award-winning stories from the Katherine Susannah Prichard Short Fiction Competition 1898-2002

For more information, view this LINK




Freehand Perspective Drawing
For all who want to communicate through sketching

Author: Steven Rubeck
Publication date: 1995
ISBN: 186342 465 2

A Bibliography of Australian Folklore 1790 to 1990

Author: David S. Hults
Published: 1995
ISBN: 1863424288

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The Young Ones: Working class culture, consumption and the category of youth

The Young Ones: Working class culture, consumption and the category of youth

Author: Jon Stratton
Publication date: 1992  
ISBN: 0646 096 478
 Available on Curtin University eSpace



Australia in the World: perceptions and possibilities

Australia in the World: perceptions and possibilities

Edited by: Don Grant and Graham Seal
Published: 1993
ISBN: 0 646 16487 2

Papers from the ‘Outside Images of Australia’ Conference, Perth, 1992.



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